Notable women

In late 2018 I worked as a UX designer/Unity developer at Nexus Studios for a Google Arts and Culture collaboration, ‘Notable Women’ – an augmented reality app that replaces the faces of US dollar bills with the faces of 100 notable women who are at least equally worthy of being pictured on the bills themselves.

Using image targets, hovering your phone over each dollar bill would select a notable woman at random, and replace the male face on the dollar bill with her face. You would then be able to read a bit about her background, or access a menu where you could select any of the notable women of the list.

My role was to implement all of the UI in Unity, while our main developer, Claudia Doppioslash, set up the target recognition and colour correction, ensuring the faces seamlessly blended onto the dollar bill regardless of the lighting conditions.

Producer: Luis de Jorge
Unity Developer: Claudia Doppioslash
Unity Developer/UX Designer: Jen Haugan